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Pay It Forward Christmas Campaign 2018

January 02, 2019
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Sage Investments Pay It Forward Christmas campaign was a great success. We randomly selected clients to participate by sending them a monetary gift to pay it forward to someone in need. We hope the stories below will be an encouragement throughout your new year to open your heart and help someone in need.

After a great response and how wonderful our Pay It Forward Christmas campaign has made us feel we have decided this will be a new tradition here at Sage Investments. Please contact us if you would like to participate in next year's campaign.

Pay It Forward Responses

  • "The individual we are passing this blessing on to has and is having a difficult time. Her husband left her with a lot of bills some time ago. The job she had did not pay well and friends took her in. Two months ago, her only child was killed in a car accident. She has her faith and better job, but she needs a hand up. Thank you for your kindness!"
  • "We were excited to participate in this endeavor, after much prayer and thought we decided on our plan. We decided to add to the fund and send it out to two different families. One family consisted of four kids. The father is disabled, and the mother recently lost her job. The other family was a widow who recently lost her husband and then a favorite grandson passed shortly after. She was having financial hardships as well as other issues. We also decided to send monies to each of our sons and their families with a copy of the letter you sent us. Perhaps a new tradition has started in our family. Thanks for inspiring us."
  • "There was a family whose father helped coach our grandson's baseball team. The father died unexpectedly recently. He left behind a son, daughter and wife. This is a challenging time for them emotionally and financially. We tripled the monies and presented the mom with the gift. She was overcome with emotion and very thankful for our kindness. Thank you for allowing us this opportunity to spread the real joy of Christmas!"
  • "We decided to give the monetary gift to a deserving student. Savanah is a 17-year-old senior in high school. Savanah is a level-headed, hardworking, and living in foster care. She and her two siblings were left to fend for themselves last year when both of their parents were arrested and sent to jail. A friend of the family assumed the adult role for a while, but the older children paid all the bills with their jobs at Burger King and parented the younger sister. At some point, the situation was discovered to be less than ideal, and the girls were moved to foster care. Things went from bad to worse, and eventually the girls were separated into different foster homes. Savanah has lived in 5 places in the last year but to meet her you would not know any of these things. She comes to school and engages in her education while carrying the burden of her situation. There were no new school clothes, no new school supplies, no way to even think about participating in the Senior class trip. The monies were spent to purchase a gift card at Walmart so that the deserving girl could buy herself some things she needs. Perhaps a new pair of shoes, new undergarments or personal products. Something to bring a little spark to a young girl that has weathered so much turmoil. The gift was given to her anonymously (from a secret Santa). She was overwhelmed at first feeling like she couldn't accept it. Savanah was only asked in the note to someday return the kindness in whatever way she can. She will. She's just like that."
  • "We were very excited to participate in the Pay it Forward Christmas gift. Around Thanksgiving a family member fell ill and was hospitalized for an extended period. Leaving him without work for several weeks. He is now home but must physically get stronger to have a much-needed surgery. His job as a laborer is to much for his body to handle. Currently, he is unable to return to the work force. We can't imagine the burden of being without work for an extended period, none the less with two young children at Christmas time. We have added to the monies to help him out the best we can. It's an eye opener to us to be financially ready in case the unexpected happens to us and we know the kindness will be returned when he gets back on his feet."
  • "I choose a soon to be 72-year-old woman who has to work to be able to keep her home. When I found this out, I knew after prayers that she was meant to have or help. After tears & lots of convincing that I wanted her to let us pay it forward since I am so blessed. She finally excepted & told me she needed it to pay her taxes. Thank you for including me in the campaign."
  • "Three days before we received your letter for your special campaign, we were made aware of a family whose main bread winner had been out of a job for several weeks. This family was starting to worry about how to provide Christmas for their two children. We knew we would shop for the children but could not decide what to do for the parents. After some discussion we purchased a gift card to a local grocery store for the family with your funds. Thank you for including us in your special campaign. Merry Christmas!"
  • "The Seven Loaves Soup Kitchen's mission has been to enhance the health and quality of life of the unfortunate and elderly in our community by providing regular hot, hearty, nutritious, well-balanced meals five days a week at no cost. Anyone who comes to their door is welcome – without question or qualification. I have decided to make my donation to this wonderful organization."
  • - "Thank you for the opportunity in paying it forward. We did just that. We have a lady in our church who is deaf and while working she fell and fractured her leg. This had kept her out of work for more than two months. Her family depends greatly on her income, so we thought of her when we received your letter and money. We've already helped them out greatly with food since the fall. With the money you provided we now have been able to help her and her family out with other expenses they may have encountered. Thank you for making it possible to help, in the name of our Savior. It means a lot and is always well appreciated!"
  • "I've decided to "pay it forward" to an old classmate from high school, whom lives in West Virginia. He is married and has two young boys. He and I are friends on social media and I've been seeing posts from him lately that he's in a lot of back pain and out of work. Seems he was injured and hasn't been working for about 10 weeks; the most recent weeks without pay. He had an MRI which followed with back surgery. He's unable to return to work at this time and he's having some trouble getting the surgery covered by the insurance company. He mentioned that filling out hardship paperwork to help pay his families mortgage and monthly bills, makes him feel"hopeless. "Fortunately, they shopped early for Christmas and that's all taken care of for the kids, but making the normal monthly payments is becoming difficult. I'm hoping to boost their spirits, so I doubled the monetary gift and mailed it out with a Christmas card. It's not a lot but it's something, and it's unexpected which makes the receipt memorable and much appreciated. Thanks for including me in this Christmas Campaign. Giving makes your heart feel warm. Merry Christmas!"
  • "The Christmas monies were given to a single mother who found herself homeless this year after being let go from a job of over 15 years. She could not keep up with her rent payments and was asked to leave, along with her teen age daughter, a high school senior who started her relationship with our church as a kindergartener attending our Good News Club. They had to depart their apartment without taking most of their belongings. For several months they stayed with the mother's boyfriend in a motel. It was not healthy and in November they left the boyfriend and now live with my pastor and wife. The mother has found part time work in retail and is pursuing training to become a CNA. Neither she nor her daughter own their own computer. The money is being applied to purchase of a computer for both to use. Pray that both will fall in love with the LORD and trust him above all."
  • "We were eager to be a part of the pay-it-forward program and immediately thought about who to give the money to. There is a lady in our community whose husband had left her several years back and she has been struggling financially ever since. She is an amazing mother of four, always putting her needs second to her children. She is a very self-sacrificing woman and we thought she was well deserving of the money. We added some money to the gift that was sent as did our granddaughter. We also gave her quite a bit of food to replenish her pantry which had become bare. She was surprised when it was given to her however was so grateful and encouraged by this act of kindness. Hopefully this will give her and her children an amazing Christmas."
  • "My niece's close friend lost their home near Whitney Point. Just a few weeks ago in a house fire, a total loss. We decided to add to what you gave us and pay it forward to them. They are a young couple with small children. Thanks for including us in this Love event."
  • "Over a period of more than 2 years I have been served by a waitress who has a most pleasant attitude. I have learned that she is a very responsible single mother. She is a very good worker but, the restaurant can't give her enough hours to make ends meet, she has several cleaning jobs. I decided to match Sage's gift and give it to her. Her jaw dropped, she said Thank you, you are very kind. Merry Christmas!"
  • "We shared the monies with a family having health & financial issues. The recipients were very grateful for the thought & monetary gift. God Bless!"
  • "In my church we have a single lady who divorced 20 some years ago. Her husband was a gambler and the final straw was that he gambled her son's little savings away. She is disabled with a genetic disease and at age of 10 she was diagnosed with polio. A few months ago, she had surgery on her knee. When the doctor gave her a prescription for pain and she didn't have the money to get it filled. Some ladies in the church gave her money for her prescription and some food. There are times she must decide between paying for her prescriptions or paying for food. She never complains and loves the Lord greatly. The money will be put to great use. She was very grateful. This made her feel loved."
  • "We chose to double the blessing and give it anonymously to a needy family in our church. They have three young boys. The dad is studying to become a pastor."
  • "I have been praying about who we could help and today was the day that the prayer was answered. At work I have been mentoring a young co-worker, whom we have invited to church and to our home. Today, he came into work very discouraged as his car had broken down and he didn't have any money to replace the part. In that moment, I knew that this friend would be encouraged by the gift. I let him know that it was just between the two of us and that someone had given this money to me to help encourage another and I was happy to share the gift with him."